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TIM CRAWFORD – I have lived within the Inland Empire for 38 years and have specialized in working within the senior community for the last 15 years. I have also been involved with the Boy Scouts of America organization, since I was eight years of age, and still work with the organization today. This long-term commitment to leadership with the youth has provided many opportunities in the last 15 years, for scouts to offer service in the senior community. The Scout slogan, “Do a good turn daily” has stuck with me my whole life. I follow that admonition every day, whether I am working with the ‘Greatest Generation,’ or the next up and coming generation. I have interviewed thousands of professional caregivers and each interview, I've looked for that innate quality of ‘do a good turn daily’ as an indicator of a quality caregiver. I live by the slogan ‘do a good turn daily,’ but our motto in our organization has always been

   ‘Home Sweet Home’!

Tim Crawford Portrait
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